Soon At The Latest

by FUR

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'Soon At The Latest' is the debut album from live hip-hop supergroup FUR. Since the release of their single 'Biannual Coffee Cups' in 2013, featured on Questlove's, the band received critical acclaim from international media and radio stations and the members of the London-based group have been performing all over the world.

The band members have racked up impressive records playing in the live bands of James Blake, Tricky, Speech Debelle, the Heliocentrics, Mulatu Astatke, Wara, Namvula and Teotima.

'Soon At The Latest' was recorded straight-to-tape, at the Cowshed Studio in London. Across 11 tracks, equal parts hip-hop, psychedelic spiritual-jazz and west-African polyphony, the LP explores a range of themes, from the mysteries of the cosmos and pop-up super-heroes to the rapid development of cities in the 21st Century. Through the insight and humour of RMJ's richly layered imagery and wordplay the listener is taken on a journey through 5 years of experiences, relationships and altered states of consciousness.

The band are joined on two tracks by two members of the pioneering UK hip-hop group Strangelove. Freedom features on the first track, leaving footprints of his spiritual undertakings on 'Stimulation', whilst the ever-impressive Chango brings a playful and infectious style to the album on 'Ultimately' that grounds the album in the underground scene that produced it.


released October 23, 2016

Recorded by Joe Leach at The Cowshed, London

Mixed by Joe Leach & FUR at The Cowshed, London

Mastered by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis, London

Ben Assiter: Drums
Harry Christelis: Guitar
Ben Pollock: Cello
Leo Richardson: Sax
Lester Salmins: Bass guitar
Greg Sanders: Guitar, keys, percussion
Josh Solnick: Vocals
Alaric Taylor: Trumpet

Daniel Harrison – guest vocals on ‘Stimulation’
Josh Grey-Jung – guest vocals on ‘Ultimately’

Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 lyrics by J. Solnick

Track 1 lyrics by J. Solnick & D. Harrison

Track 7 lyrics by J. Solnick & J. Grey-Jung

Track 1 music composed & arranged by:
B. Assiter, H. Christelis, B. Pollock, L. Richardson, L. Salmins, G. Sanders, J. Solnick

Track 3 music composed & arranged by:
B. Assiter, H. Christelis, G. Cole, B. Pollock, G. Sanders, J. Solnick, A. Taylor

Tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 music composed & arranged by:
B. Assiter, H. Christelis, B. Pollock, L. Richardson, L. Salmins, G. Sanders, J. Solnick, A. Taylor

Tracks 4, 8, 10 music composed & arranged by:
B. Assiter, H. Christelis, G. Cole, B. Pollock, L. Richardson, G. Sanders, J. Solnick, A. Taylor

All work © & ℗ Soul Rub Records 2016

All artwork by Theo Christelis



all rights reserved



Hip-hop, spiritual jazz and psychedelia.

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Track Name: Stimulation ft. Freedom (Strangelove)
Are you ready for your tour to begin?
Grab a pint start pouring the gin.
Isn't it awesome just to exist? To be in orbit admit
To be a mortal, a blip.

40 stories up let us order the lift.
Up, up and up we soar to the tip
Top up the cup explorers adrift
Like the hawk spread its wings in the glorious wind

Funny how the tournament's drawn all us in
Worn us all down halos torn into rings.
But metamorphosis it's a glorious thing
To transform into this. New co-ordinates; king.

I waded into the source of all things
The story-board talking of which
It's been a year trying walk off the trips
The Walk in wardrobe swarming with tricks

I saw her stalking a fish, a stork
Paused then forced through the water to pick rewards.
but its just another story that's stored in the fridge,
In the drawer with the figs

Pomegranates plums stories stored in the pips
Remembered at the banquet horn on the lips
Songlines myths of origin ripped
Make do there's no obvious script.

On different pathways the story persists
A knotted labyrinth of hallways that twists.
The choice is yours; which portal to pick?
The door at 2 o clock or a quarter to 6.

Everyone lift a glass for the Always; That is
That gives always that is the gift
Course set; Ahab boarding the ship
Forking paths lightning forks on the cliffs

Everyone Lift a glass for the Always; That is
That gives always that is the gift
Outstretched palm pawned at the wrist
Dawns fingertips forging the gift.
Track Name: Tell it to the Vast
You got a problem then tell it to The Vast
Go on tell it to The Vast
Cast a spell a storm blast, blast the horn let the wound smart.
The path moves
Move. Start.

The Ice like marble in the glass
An iceberg a harbour in the dark; a marvel.
Make a castle from a park-bench green bottle in a brown parcel
turn a rock into a bar-stool.
Now you see how my charms do
Lazy afternoons watching sunday cartoons.
apothecary pocket full of copper pennies
Vodka in the mug with the plastic cherry
cherry blossom, boyson berries
Bubble on the branch like baubles
Portal in the porcelain I snorkel in
Guided by my dorsal fin
Thor the Prince - born to swing
Pour the port red as leaves in the autumn wind
Auburn tinged
Guided by the orb and rings of saturn
Rappers step up - I get my wizard stick and zap 'em
Turn 'em to tobacco and pack 'em in the zig zag
Let the snap crackle happen
Puff the magic dragon
my pestle grinds down
words to make sound
Words to make firm ground. Murmur of the How?
Turn into a cloud
Step across a waterfall
Sorcery coursing through each mortal that I morph into.
The wind howls rousing,
Old stories sink underground beneath new houses
Marshy and nebulous
The past is an edifice that branches ahead of us.

You got a problem then tell it to The Vast
Go on tell it to The Vast
Cast a spell a storm blast, blast the horn let the wound smart.
The path moves
Move. Start.

Word. Body. Voice. Polymorph,
follies many, losing pennies, when he's out and over-friendly
cerebellum whizzing
millennial prophecies, apocalyptic pessimism
better sit and let the menace glisten
better sit and listen to the hissing of the gargoyles.
Oh it's just the wind in paper cup,
24 now but each day waking up
and learning new Hurly burly Merlin moves
Murmur Who?
Scooping up the gold the leads turned into.
The early bird will get a worm or 2
but the early worm's squirming get burst in 2
Nothing's certain that's what's certain. True.
So I guess just do what do works for you
I'll be heading to the park.
Sun shredding lemons shedding on the devil dark dead debonair beggared ebon of the branch
Red headed woodpecker pecking at the bark
Trying to get a message to the heart
Emissary of the night. Take flight
on the white page write late night to stay right
ride astray and make light.
ride away and make life

You got a problem then tell it to The Vast
Go on tell it to The Vast
Cast a spell a storm blast, blast the horn let the wound smart.
The path moves
Move. Start.
Track Name: Catwoman
For the femme fatale the cat woman complex
that too live chick who looks good in any context
Got Sex appeal, satin skin, red lips lavish limbs,
rapid tongue one Bonita Applebum.
A real head turner, she will burn heads
ask for a dance then they drop down dead
Earthbound yet ethereal a true-Eve seducing,
A Moment of ecstasy. Love-child of evolution.
I need a new solution
She'd have Confucius in confusion,
Wondering why his cloth was making movement.
What's this new sense? Make no sense
What a nuisance. But he knew it
The noose slips.
Two lips like tulips.
Pure beauty, that's boundless. Just being
From beginning to end. From the end to beginning.
Sits at ease on the easel, effortless elegance
Casual extravagance, an instinct for eminence.

Sugar, spice, and all things vice
You can play against the dice but it comes at a price
Sugar, spice, and all things vice
Feel your heart run away with the force of the night.

Lips Lips the soft fingertips
That tip-toe across your skin when your lost in the midst
Lost to her grip, tossed off the ship
Sinking in the sea where your Consciousness drips
Answer me this, are you a wise or foolish cat?
Move to that? you'll never get your goolies back
Quest for the grail, brave nights are getting truly slapped
Try and touch the cup and get caught in the booby trap
How would you react? defeated, unseated
Feeling sea sick, weak and depleted
There's nothing to relieve it
Elitist Cats call her the 'first cut' cos it's clear she's the deepest.
Now some of these chicks are just butchers
get kicks being ruthless, take tips from medusa
Need to stitch up their sutras cos they've got bad karma
pay back your ardour with a blade through your armour

Sugar, spice, and all things vice
You can play against the dice but it comes at a price
Sugar, spice, and all things vice
Feel your heart run away with the force of the night.

On a midsummer night the stars sparkled in her dress
On an instant possessed to claim that kiss and caress
Undress her unaware and lose all of my cares
In the taste of her lips, the scent of her hair
But little did I know, how time would play his trickery
The subtle hand of mystery the rest they say is history.
In the morning she still looked ethereal
came down the stairs and I choked on my cereal
Serious, a true delight. all through the night
Thought I found my anima to animate my archetype.
No need to ask her wife, grab her hand tie it down
Though I would like to tie her up, bits her flesh lick it now.
She's as constant as as the continents
as constant as the action that's bound to precede consequence
A confidant to converse and hold a conference
A spiritual counsel. No need for vowels and consanants.
Or superficial compliments, lust trust and confidence,
A complimentary character to drift the depths of consciousness
And drink her til I'm drowning in her opulence
Drowsy and nonchalant, drowning in her opulence.
Track Name: Biannual Coffee Cups
Plum flesh lips fresh heart skip sip slow
Tip-toe terracotta tip that you grip so vixen
Animate clay so devilish
Genesis kiss blow mystery spare rib
Nemesis. Oh this is where heaven is
Four-poster pulpit cupid-struck suck it up
Honeysuckle lovers touch
Pulmonary running up terminal velocity
Felicity. Oh this is the atrocity of suffering?
Pleasure's gotta end just like all other things.
Sting flame burn bright blind me,
Let's get righteous, the night just lust bites dust-light
Glaucoma dim sight, lost in the mesmer
Mist-glow aura, floral aroma,
Every time I kiss her I almost fall over.

Full moon sorcery midnight bewitchment,
Vasoconstriction concealing all pigment
Let's dance, ‘Meet me at the 94 bus stop’
Rain drenched lily-white skin light translucent
‘Kiss me’, you really didn't have to ask
Hip flask swig back. A piggy back?
No chance you weigh a ton love
Just kidding
But…last time…you know…
Street lamp conspiracy
Old chums winking
Cold thumbs meet in the pocket of the hooded up
Back to the homestead, heat up the ice-bed
Gaze out the window
Exhale. City stirs ante meridiem
Strawberry sunlight daiquiri sunrise
Drunk too quickly
Fuck it. Let's make another one
Too soon the setting sun.

3 years onwards suffer Paris Syndrome
Champagne illusions
Brickwork allusion:
Oh this is that place where we met on the step
When you played that red-wig set, can't forget.
Reconstruct artefacts
Scattered in the woodwork
Chisel out a new seat
Swivel chair: living foul, living fair
Something new is in the air
I heard a rumour over where? - Thereabouts
Near Clapton roundabout reflected in a puddle
I saw a double rainbow
Pain flows away down the drain now I'm A-Okay
How are you?
Oh… this is what it comes to
Biannual coffee cups feelings all gobbled up
Well he sounds nice [fuck this coffee's bitter]
Where's that eye glitter that I used to know?
You should know.
I'll go jam at 110 with the fam with the band in the furry hinterland
Was it anything beyond sex?
Fuck this drawn-out Catwoman Complex.
Track Name: Please Forgive Me
Strobelight flickering
Lofi images
Snow White blizzard
Everything glows; go dive in it
Swim to the distant shore
Cloudstep on the azure tour
Throw off the muzzle
Everything is motion; bubble of emotion - struggle
An ocean of rubble
rope ladder up float through the puzzle
Above all else be humble.
be bumble be free tumble
weed in sea-green sea-weed bundle
sea Breeze coming in from the Tundra.
I'm In the party jumper
Black with the gold Fibonacci numbers.
Someone asked me something
Sounded like Are we
Thunderbirds are go - are go
The words Argo in gold burn slow. ...
Turbo engines roaring
storming Tempest
Endless soaring
through the Tarmac midnight///
stars back in sight
Fingertip on the ringpull
How simple if it all was impulse?
No mixed signals
Float through space like pinballs
Bouncing to the next tent
Seems like I can't press send
Oh well. press eject. reject all bear traps
Infinite reflex

Pearl in the oyster
the purple with silver upholstered
Does the moonlight bolster our chances?
Depends who's asking
Wander in search of the rumour
blooming turquoise future
Moonbirds hunt for the lost satsuma
Feral Cougar. Moctezuma.
T-minus Zoom into orbit
Motion sensor sense the moment
transcendent ancestor enter
Feather headdress unzipped
suspended above the sunlit ocean
Motion is all around us
Empires crumble down to brown dunes
I Got sand in my sock
Memories of the land beyond
My pantheon stand aloft
like Bamboo on the mountain tops
Let's respire stay open stoma
So much is unspoken
Some things are best unsaid
Hold on until the next sun-sets
Iess retro-spect - Lets
helta skelta onwards
2s no regrets. Don't forget
Who knows when the next time falls?
Our paths coalesce right here
In the mist of the crystal ball
Track Name: Ultimately Ft. Chango (Strangelove)
yes, yes,
its the bless the MIC
and test the decibel
but best of all we get it right and set alight the festivals…
and kickety kick a rhythm that could resurrect the dead and make them living
For a second.
The mechanism of the future beckons us close,
Let's do the utmost, to greet it with a buff toast
cup held high to the sky.
Love flows freely on the vine of good times
climbing out the grime and shining like a diamond Eye-wink,
minx suggests high-jinks
Now where have you been hiding all this time?
I'm high
climbing on the Vision Quest manifest destiny
when the band are next to me, the sexy beat affecting me
Oh my, oh my gosh, gosh gosh golly, getting so jolly
i think i'm off my trolly.
Truly worries melt away, they seldom stay
when held away with hip-hop o philia
Time to get silly bill a philly get blunted
Take it to Super Saian level 500
level 500

The World Goes Quickly
And Ultimately
The Answer Stays A Mystery
Track Name: The Rapman
Who's that? It's the Rap Man
Crash land earth red alert on the Tascam
Rap man uppercut batman
Smack him with the crash stand
"That's grand"
Said an onlooker looking on
A passer by asked him why, 'what's that you look upon?'
is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No it's plain it's the Rap Man
attack plan (taking out) whack man
Lasereye track bang
Rise again like Aslan
Crash-bandicoot scoop taking all the loot
Shoot damn, gone in two-twos. Toot toot,
Recruit troops, do what you like, what you will
Do what you might, what's the deal?
The deal is
I'm the Rap Man -
Bet you didn't know I could know I could rap man
Well that's damn silly
I've got more power than a don in sicilly
9-millies you're like really
Fine, come rhyme with me (you'll die silly)
Battle with me's like a fight with Achilles
End up like Hector die for the city…
I slow jam over trojan records
better get to know man...
The rap man got the world held in both hands
Wham bam back at base
Sat in space
Looking fly in my rapping cape
space ship windows with saturn drapes
some days I gravitate to planet ape
Just to grab a grape
And vanish in the black abyss
Really can you handle this
What kind of man is this
It's the Rap Man -

My name is Josh
Name is Josh
Rap-Man Josh

Oh boy the grooves on
Get your socks and your shoes on
Forget the socks get your shoes on
Come on man
Fuck it man you're taking too long
move on through
end up Running down the street in one shoe
Jumping the barriers run for the tube
bumping the tune
to get to the show hear Rap-Man flow
Cosmic swagger when I step to M-I-
I see myself in the V-I-
with doom, venom, spawn and the worst of them
Rap man rising like a storm-cloud circling
Larger than life
Head full of glasses and
Raspberry eyes
Blueberry vistas, and white whine spritzers
mindful of mixers and chinese whispers
hey darling
lover with the world in her Iris
Rap-Man shouts out Zeus and Osiris
Young Viktor Franken
gotta thank him
For all that he's done with ventricles and hamstrings
Ligaments and art
Vision of creation, configured in the dark
Rap-Man Josh, moonwalk visionary
power unlimited dawn to infinity
Track Name: C'est L'Amour
I met her on the corner of stamford and de Beauvoir
Looking for a lighter
she started bowling over
I was bowled over by the road vogue star
Rogue Heart a rooster
I tried to play it Bogart
So-are you looking for a place to go?
Take it slow
Get a jeger or jd and coke?
"Sorry hun on the run, got a thousand things to do,
Another time maybe. What’s that tune that your nodding to?"
Oh this, it’s just a little FUR beat
Take my number, bell me up we’ll bill a treat,
Take a seat
And put on that wax black lacquer,
lick a liqeur
hear the crackle allure
the immaculate cure for any ailment is music
smoking that newly lit tulip
If you don’t believe me prove it,
I will damn
Any day I will jam, with the crew or busker with the steel pan
At the south bank,
I’m about skank, rhymes and life
I’m just here to vibe, not tryna finda a wife.
She shot me a look tryna figure out, if I was a crook
A joker or a rookie, or if I was a wookie just tryna get some nookie.
Yeah she knew it was the latter‘
"I’ve never been chirpsed by a rapper" no matter.

Say No More
C'est L'amour

It's been a while since I hooked up with that ladyfunk
Looks like that crazy honey that tried to play me once
Now I hold the ace and trump
the bigger bass to bump
make the trunk jump
Neighbours? They can come, I'll just wake em up
by the staircase I trace a hunch
make a blunt
each some lunch,
Wash it down with the taste of rum
So make some space amongst the movement of the many on the dancefloor
hooking up a medley, Melle mel let the melee gel
I'm on that mellow cell on the sofa
guess who's walking over it's that lady from de Beauvoir
But before I can Bogart
she just rocks up like "can I have this slow dance."
No chance!
I'm just kidding of course, no remorse
Let's get down to the sound of the Source
then move into that dubby set
She whispers in my ear "let's go back to the Lover's nest."
Say no more
babe I'm yours
i wanna take you away on tour you got me acting like a cheesy mofo, call the popo
or fuck it we can go home, turn your house into a dojo

Have a swig a rum and ginger
Oh I love the figure In the figure hugger jugs are bigger
summer glamour, slammer
I'm give her such a shiver shove and fling her
fucking ninja
Biting sucking on my finger shit
hit her with the shudder trigger
screaming like she must be injured
fuck, now I'm Coming with her
Summoning a stunning river
(Sunk a swimmer)
Bun a spliff, descending from the summit to the vista
Mister Murmur, man a learner must've missed her feel the yearning as I kissed her
Tap it from the back attack it see the rump and smack it
Like I'm slapping on a bumper sticker,
Some of this stuff is the highgrade, the highway of high life
A life made of limelight and lemonade,
A little lemongrass spice it up in the everglade
And if it fades as it ever does and always will
There'll be love in the future and more ways still
Forever more, you never know what's in store
Beyond the skylight and cellar door, c'est l'amour

Say no more, c'est l'amour
Say no more, c'est l'amour
Track Name: Free
There is 'nough love to throw around so this is how it's going down
Living in an overcrowded urban aorta
Thames water coursing talks the coarser course of civilisation
Stationed by the river bank
I shiver as the banks get bigger
Trading figures while the little mans digging for some change
Some heart the mudlarks loan sharks, paper trail brown packets digital consumptions
Less town halls- more living room functions.
Exchange is faceless but you're far from anonymous.
Big up all the borrowers who live in the metropolis
Squatters who fight the monolith of Moloch that demolishes,
Twist your bollocks, with a crisp collar.
Fist un-clenched and smiling
Outsourcing violence from a safe distance
Off-setting sins to the infant herded up by the infantry
See the chain of connections, we'd have to change instantly
At least you'd think so
Well worn lingo leaves us limbering in limbo
Malingering, my inklings we're on the brink of grim shitty sin-city sink or swim so
new loans longer strings-attached
Limbs collapse to the puppet master
Finger trap deadly catch
Back break snapped straight but Freedom's yours you gotta get it back
Get it back.

All I want to be is F R double E
All I want to be is F R double E

IMF, supervising giant theft
Stifling the giant steps of others with a rifle in Gaia's breast
Fuck, I confess I feel hopeless
To make more money people invest in death.
Absurd as it sounds, as cruel as it seems
All concerned about the ends no one cares about the means
Still all about the C.R.E.A.M all about the green paper
people chasing gold in their dreams
The PMs trademark duplicity
Way past slippery arms dealing arms far reaching
Mr Fantastic Holds the glass ceiling...
At the banquet, Table Head,
Playing ftse by the table leg
And the dow jones Petroleum Al Capone,
My how the falcon's flown can't we outgrow
the tendency greed and oppression?
If anything Freedom's a question,
Irrepressible the pressure full and simmering
The wrecking ball of decimals a chimera
But still the progress is similar
fast trot forgotten past
Blasting through the Appalachians
toxic lake by the river basin
a gift for the first nations
A pot latch; You get what you give you got that, plus some more atop that
global forces amalgamate
The Tensions about to break!

Police target the weak, guarding the C-EOs
Oil-slick mark of the beast
The Creep into parliament speak,
Arming the fleet till their armed to the teeth
I see the cutty sark in the fleet
out the harbour
past the shark with the gnarliest teeth
Glass faces the spaces I can't really see
-The market's like a balaclava guarding a thief.
You need time to let the market's all breathe
Give it a chance and you'll see the market's all speak
But Here I hear the market hall creak
there used to be bartering, carving and speech.
They Show you round with the sparkling teeth
Kicking out all the residents they mark up the street
People are target markets arguably
Bar-codes replace their arms and their feet.
Fuck. My glass heart starts to bleed.
I see the glass on the street.
Fuck. My glass heart starts to bleed.
I see the glass on the street.

All I want to be is F R double E
All I want to be is F R double E
Track Name: Jam With Us
Dance floor filling it//
rhythmm sticks killing it
bill a spliff
in a bit
Right now I'm chilling with
City kids inuits. network is infinite.
Intuit ….something invisible
ineffable, post-modern miracle
See it in the minisicule molecular
Meliflous movement of the many parts.
grabbed hard fell apart
you can't touch the intangible
Hand with your mandibles
Put down the manual
Those who don't look find the way to the banquet hall
If you get lost. Get low skank it's cool.
Part man, part animal, mycelium.
Mechanical manacles don't manage to hold me back.
Jet pack out the cul-de sac
Got soul on tap.

FUR here in your ear
Move your feet and grab a beer…

On set for the long stretch
Ready Now? not yet.
Ready now one sec. Kay are you done yet.
Context concept set. Set the tone
With the Baile funk step sweat like hot sex.
What next bass line
Strain your cranium
Blazing the stakes when we play the palladium.
Ripping up sets in the tent or the stadium
Breaking down structures making us alien.
But I'm not extra terrestrial
I'm terrestrial but extra celestial.
hitting that bestial flex at the festival
festering vegetables next to my testicles
FUR - mainly exceptional
I'm not messy these are rose-tinted spectacles
Got em cheap 2-for-1
I'm fucked, but are you the one?