Biannual Coffee Cups

by FUR

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Afrobeat & jazz infused hip-hop, recorded all live straight-to-tape by 8-piece ensemble FUR.


Plum fresh lips fresh heart skip sip slow
Tip-toe terracotta tip that you grip so vixen
Animate clay so devilish
Genesis kiss co. mystery spare rib
Nemesis. Oh this is where heaven is
Four-poster pulpit cupid-struck suck it up
Honeysuckle lover's touch
Pulmonary running up terminal velocity
Felicity. Oh this is the atrocity of suffering
Pleasure's gotta end just like all other things.
Sting flame burn bright blind me,
Let's get righteous, the night just lust bites dust-light
Glaucoma dim sight, lost in the mesmer
Mist-glow aura, floral aroma,
Every time I kiss her I almost fall over.

Full moon sorcery midnight bewitchment,
Vasoconstriction concealing all pigment
Let's dance, ‘Meet me at the 94 bus stop’
Rain drenched lily-white skin light translucent
‘Kiss me’, you really didn't have to ask
Hip flask swig back. A piggy back?
No chance you weigh a ton love
Just kidding
But…last time…you know…
Street lamp conspiracy
Old chums winking
Cold thumbs meet in the pocket of the hooded up
Back to the homestead, heat up the ice-bed
Gaze out the window
Exhale. City stirs ante meridiem
Strawberry sunlight daiquiri sunrise
Drunk too quickly
Fuck it. Let's make another one
Too soon the setting sun.

3 years onwards suffer Paris Syndrome
Champagne illusion
Brickwork allusions:
Oh this is that place where we met on the step
When you played that red-wig set, can't forget.
Reconstruct artefacts
Scattered in the woodwork
Chisel out a new seat
Swivel chair: living foul, living fair
Something new is in the air
I heard a rumour over where? - Thereabouts -
Near Clapton roundabout reflected in a puddle
I saw a double rainbow
Pain flows away down the drain now I'm A-Okay
How are you?
Oh… this is what it comes to
Biannual coffee cups feelings all gobbled up
Well he sounds nice [fuck this coffee's bitter]
Where's that eye glitter that I used to know?
You should know.
I'll go jam at 110 with the fam with the band in the furry hinterland
Was it anything beyond sex?
Fuck this drawn-out Catwoman Complex.

All lyrics © Josh Solnick 2013


released March 23, 2013
Written & arranged by FUR.

Engineered & mixed by Joe Leach at the Cowshed Studio, London.

Drums - Ben Assiter
Bass - Lester Salmins
Rhythm guitar - Greg Sanders
Tenor guitar - Harry Christelis
Cello - Ben Pollock
Tenor Sax - Leo Richardson
Trumpet - Alaric Taylor
Vocals - Murmur

All music © FUR 2013



all rights reserved



Hip-hop, spiritual jazz and psychedelia.

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